One constant in business is that people change. And when good people leave, the financial impact to your organization is immeasurable. e-VentExe’s Recruitment and Retention Services will help you reduce this significant cost to your organization with innovative and strategic solutions for your unique staffing problems.

When you lose a top or even average performer, regardless of their job, the cost to your organization is staggering…it’s far greater than the cost of recruiting associated with traditional Cost Per Hire metrics.

How do you calculate the lost productivity while the position is vacant, or until the new hire is trained and producing at the required level? Most do not.

The solution? Make the best hire you can from the best talent available and retain them for as long as possible.

Recruitment & Retention Services:

  • Recruitment & Retention Process Analysis
  • Initial Recruitment and Screenings
  • Profiles and Pre-Employment Assessments
  • Hiring Process Project Management

  • Contract Recruiters
  • Retained Search
  • Initial Set-up and Training
  • Employee Opinion Survey

  • Exit Interviews / Surveys
  • Employee Retention Programs
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Behavioral Interviewing Training

Matching talent to your organization’s business objectives and culture will lead to longer term retention. Once onboard, from the new hire’s first day through their tenure with your organization, how that employee is managed and developed will lead to exponentially longer tenure, or…to a repeat vacancy.

Our knowledgeable and strategic staffing experts are here to help you locate that “total person” who is so important to your organization’s success. Looking to fill a larger quantity of entry level and front line employees? Our expertise does not end with individual placements. We utilize the same goal-oriented focus of in-depth research and thorough assessment and screening processes to fill your high volume needs. The process is customized only to your individual needs. Nothing more.

Post hire, we’re here to help you train new hires, improve your onboarding experience for new hires, conduct new hire surveys to identify areas of improvement and track source effectiveness, conduct employee opinion surveys and exit interviews and develop employee performance programs.