Focus: HR Consulting & Outsourcing

Industry: Professional Consulting Service

Num Emp: 400

Challenge: This HR department faced their annual budgeting process that required this overworked team to conduct an employee salary and benefits survey. Additional challenges included that no budget had been set aside for the survey so cost was a key consideration, and survey results were needed in four weeks.

Timeframe: 4 weeks

Solution: With numerous projects already on their plate, this client turned to e-VentExe to quickly and anonymously conduct a salary and benefit survey for 20 different positions to validate total compensation prior the budgets being solidified.

Outcome: All of the participants did receive a copy of the results and were very pleased with what was returned that several of the companies have contacted e-VentExe for additional work.

Outsourcing & Compliance

Focus: Recruitment & Retention

Industry: Hospitality

Num emp: 2,500

Challenge: Client faced immediate need to hire nearly 50% more than its current headcount to meet demand for its services. More than 1,000 new employees had to be hired in 8 months while maintaining the existing HR operations and hiring levels.

Timeframe: 8 months

Solution: Client partnered with e-VentExe and we created and managed a staffing model with an off-site recruitment center to not disturb the existing operation and allow for easy access to the new candidates. e-VentExe became a turn-key provider by providing the location, off-site recruiters, implementing online applications and assessment tools to assist in managing the entire process.

Outcome: e-VentExe helped the client meet its goal of hiring 1,000 new employees within an 8 month timeframe and turnover in the organization was drastically reduced based upon some of the processes implemented from this project.

Recruitment & Retention

Focus: Training & Development

Industry: Manufacturing

Num emp: 220

Challenge: This client’s management training program lacked continuity from one course to the next, lacked content relevance, looked out of date, and was considered “boring” by senior management and staff.

Timeframe: Ongoing (2 year cycle)

Solution: In order to enable groups of managers to learn the client’s “company way” and bring the training program into the 21st century, e-VentExe worked closely with the Senior Management and the HR department to develop a university style curriculum, which extended 6 – 8 months with numerous sessions being offered for the participants. In between sessions the participants were given homework to apply in the workplace and then asked to discuss how their application went prior to the start of the next session.

Outcome: Each of the participants gained a greater appreciation for their own personal development while learning more about each other thereby increasing the overall teamwork within the company. This has become a successful process for other companies based upon the outcomes of the initial company.

Training & Development

Focus: Assessments

Industry: Financial Services

Num emp: 250

Challenge: Tremendous turnover in key positions resulted not only in lost productivity, but also in measurable profit declines, forcing this client to rethink how it assessed and screened its candidates. The company lacked appropriate assessment tools that could enable them to match candidates to the business objectives and corporate culture of the organization that ultimately lead to reduced external hiring and increased retention of key talent.

Timeframe: Ongoing

Solution: e-VentExe identified and deployed a comprehensive behavioral assessment tool that identified candidate behavioral traits at the resume screening stage. This gave the client greater assurance of a best match against a custom benchmarking profile for their key positions.

Outcome: By weeding out candidates who did not match this profile, the client could hire candidates that would ultimately perform and produce better given the company’s culture and business objectives, thus leading to longer retention and the reduced need to replace hires. Turnover decreased and the client saved over $350,000 in time and money through their recruitment process.


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