“What Makes for A Competitive Employment Benefits Package?”

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Being the president and CEO of an HR consulting firm, I was recently asked some questions as to what calls for a competitive employment benefits package in this day and age. In respect to Generation Y entering the workforce, these … Read More

Unspoken Communication: Silence versus Words

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  Communication is vital for everyday interactions—words are exchanged between others and body language and hand movements are in motion. However, what if a form of communication means respecting silence? Barbara Rogoff, author of The Cultural Nature of Human Development, … Read More

Job Hopping: Written from the Perspective of a Millennia

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In the 50s to late 60s, most people never considered switching jobs—they enjoyed the stability and security of a steady income. Moving from job to job was certainly uncommon. Now, with the rise of the Millennials entering the workforce, job … Read More

Small Business Owners: Tools to Sharpen your Competitive Edge

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  We would like to welcome our first guest blog by our friends at CPA Corporation! The team at CPA Corporation provides great and insightful  tips on staying ahead of competitors. Small business owners should take note!    Today’s small … Read More

Small Business of the Year

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This award recognizes a person who owns or operates a small business and has made significant contributions to the prosperity of the community. —Craig Stevenson is CEO of e-VentExe, a full-service professional human resources consulting and outsource company, which he … Read More

Identifying Good Leadership

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In the world of business, talk of leadership seems to be everywhere.  Good leadership is crucial to the success of any business and can substantially improve the workforce.Many books have been written on this subject, andcompanies regularly spend time and money … Read More

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