Chinese Delegation Picks Up HR Tips

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How to replace retiring baby boomers and find new staff to maintain old technology. Ways to overcome tight government finances and how to recruit the next generation of employees in a changing information technology work force. Twenty-five information technology and … Read More

The High and Profitable Cost of Employee Training

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According to the American Society of Training and Development, organizations spent $156.2 billion on learning and development in 2011. This statistic clearly indicates that employee training can drastically impact a company’s success among other factors. In this day and age … Read More

Exemplifying Employee Engagement

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Organizations strive largely because of their employees. But what happens when your employees are disengaged? According to the 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, 70 percent of American workers are dissatisfied with their job, creating an atmosphere where many … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: What Should I Do as a Leader?

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The New Year is an exciting time for rejuvenation—for self and business. As such, resolutions are made, but how long do these resolutions actually last? We see gyms overcrowded for the first few months into the New Year with individuals … Read More

Meet the new CALSHRM State Director…

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New Year, new Human Resource leaders. The New Year is a time for embracing change—from simple things such as changing your diet to grandeur aspects such as electing new leaders. None is different for CalSHRM, the California State Council for … Read More

LegalZoom or a Real Attorney?

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Our first guest blogger of 2014 is Attorney Justin Gilbert. Justin provides personalized legal services in the areas of estate planning, probate, trust administration, trust litigation, elder law and business planning, and can be contacted at (916) 932-7416. For more information, visit The Law Offices of Justin … Read More

Utilizing State-of-the-Art Assessment Tools for Better Hiring Decisions & Workplace Violence Prevention, Management, and Response Workshop

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Utilizing State-of-the-Art Assessment Tools for Better Hiring Decisions & Workplace Violence Prevention, Management, and Response Workshop Happy New Year! Start the year off fresh by making better hiring decisions for your organization using state-of-the-art assessment tools! Learn how to use … Read More

Powerhouse Ladies Who Are a Force to be Reckoned With: Super-Career Women Series

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For the previous few months, e-VentExe has been spotlighting one “Super-Career” woman every month, allowing her to tell her story about how she entered the corporate work world. Readers were able to read about the struggles, sacrifices, highlights, and rewards … Read More

Preparing for Seasonal Employee Layoffs While Keeping Employee Engagement and Morale in Mind

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With the holiday season nearing its end, the influxes of seasonal workers begin to slowly trickle as terminations ensue. This inevitable process is not only difficult for managers, but also for other seasonal and full-time employees. Once connections and friendships … Read More

Protective Orders and the Workplace

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Rounding up 2013 is guest blogger Hector Alvarez of Alvarez Associates! Hector specializes in workplace violence prevention. Contact Alvarez Associates at 916.293.8852.  On a brisk November morning a female employee at a small electrical company in Winters CA arrived at … Read More

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