The Manager’s Oath, Pt: 1

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 Amelya Stevenson, SPHR-CA is the owner of e-VentExe, a full service human resource consulting company located in Northern California. Earlier this year, e-VentExe created their own document detailing what it takes to be a superstar manager. Here’s the official … Read More

What Do I Need to Know About Identity Theft and Other Legal Issues?

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We would like to welcome this month’s guest blog, Mikel O’Riordan of Legal Shield! Mikel is a Small Business & Group Benefits Specialist and has expertise in legal issues. Contact Mikel at  In America, legal representation is available for … Read More

A Life of a Super-Career Woman

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For the next several months, e-VentExe will be spotlighting one “Super-Career” woman every month, allowing her to tell her story on how she entered the corporate work world. Read about the struggles, sacrifices, highlights, and rewards these women faced while … Read More

Creativity at its Finest: Why Creative Leaders Benefit the Workplace

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Leaders are visionaries—they are passionate about their beliefs, they set clear goals to be achieved, and they never give up on their desires, even if completed in unconventional ways. We have witnessed creative leaders throughout history; look at Steve Jobs … Read More

FOMO at the Workplace

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Fear is an emotion almost everyone feels. Common phobias include fear of heights or spiders, but what about fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO. We all know someone who suffers from it and needs to be constantly in … Read More

“What Makes for A Competitive Employment Benefits Package?”

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Being the president and CEO of an HR consulting firm, I was recently asked some questions as to what calls for a competitive employment benefits package in this day and age. In respect to Generation Y entering the workforce, these … Read More

Unspoken Communication: Silence versus Words

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  Communication is vital for everyday interactions—words are exchanged between others and body language and hand movements are in motion. However, what if a form of communication means respecting silence? Barbara Rogoff, author of The Cultural Nature of Human Development, … Read More

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