An In-Depth Guide to the First Stage of the Employee Lifecycle

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“Pre-screen applicants to identify issues before they happen! Shrinkage costs business millions annually; loss prevention systems are critical.” Find this article interesting? If so, you won’t want to miss e-VentExe’s free webinar on PRE-HIRING SOLUTIONS next month! 

SBJ: Expert Advice

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Q. What is the top sign a job candidate won’t fit in at my small business? A. “When looking to hire key employees in a small business or a startup business, the individuals must be very comfortable wearing many hats … Read More

My First Blog

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A Period of Reengineering: Your Current Business Situation We all know what the economy downturn has done to our businesses. The unexpected collapse of our financial health of our country just about wiped away many dreams and plans for our … Read More

Pre-hiring Solutions – Know who you are hiring before making the big decision

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Pre-hiring Solutions – Know who you are hiring before making the big decision Save the date!    Please join e-VentExe, a full service human resource consulting firm for a free informative webinar seriesshowcasing state-of-the-art assessment tools and HR solutions offered by Profiles International as we … Read More

Chinese Delegation Picks Up HR Tips

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How to replace retiring baby boomers and find new staff to maintain old technology. Ways to overcome tight government finances and how to recruit the next generation of employees in a changing information technology work force. Twenty-five information technology and … Read More

The High and Profitable Cost of Employee Training

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According to the American Society of Training and Development, organizations spent $156.2 billion on learning and development in 2011. This statistic clearly indicates that employee training can drastically impact a company’s success among other factors. In this day and age … Read More

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