Making the right hire is more than sourcing. It’s about fit. Relying on resumes and interviews as a means to selection is as effective as throwing darts at balloons at the fair. Those old school assessment practices lack the reliability, consistency, and legal defensibility you need in order to find the truly best talent for your organization.

A great interview is not a good predictive measure of fit. And today, it’s more than just finding someone with the right “cultural fit,” but about finding the best talent with the right “business fit” – the person who understands how your business works and is as passionate as you about its success and growth.

e-VentExe offers in-depth assessment services to help you both determine the best hire and manage performance after their first day. We provide legally defensible screening and assessment tools that have the predictive power of reliably identifying the best hire today leading to improved, long-term retention tomorrow.

Once on board, our performance management tools help you discover areas your team members need to improve, or to develop leadership plans for top talent within your organization.

More than 25,000 satisfied clients worldwide have experienced success with our assessment services, having seen its positive impact on their organization’s revenues.

Call us today to talk to one of our friendly assessment experts and discover how e-VentExe can help you find and retain top performers – discover how we can help you find people that fit.

If you are looking to make a difference in your company in any of the following ways, our assessments tools can help you achieve your goals.

  • Improving attitudes among all employees
  • Motivating people
  • Reducing turnover
  • Increasing sales
  • Develop better work relationsips
  • Helping managers become better goal setters

  • Increasing productivity
  • Managing on-the-job performance
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving quality
  • Reducing waste material
  • Developing more teamwork

Assessment Tools

Recruiting Assessments:

The Profile XT™
A multi-purpose “Total Person” assessment designed to aid in the proper “Job-Fit” of employees through benchmarking traits of successful employees in the same position. Used in selection, coaching, training, promotion and succession planning.

Step One Survey II®
Employee fraud and theft robs American businesses of more than $400 billion annually. The Step One Survey II helps employers find honest, reliable, hard-working and drug-free employees.

Profiles Sales Indicators™
Identify people with attributes for success in sales within your organization. “Job Match” sales personnel based upon 5 foundational behaviors and gain insight into 7 critical factors of successful sales personnel.

Customer Service Profile™
Customized by company and position, the Customer Service Profile confirms the entire company’s alignment and perspective on behalf of customer service. Used in selection & recruitment, coaching and customer service training development.

Performance Management:

Checkpoint 360 Management Feedback ™
An anonymous process to provide feedback to managers on areas that may require development on their road to becoming more effective managers. The feedback highlights areas for increased effectiveness along with a suggested training program.

SkillBuilder ™
A true step in Leadership Development is applying new skills to the work environment over time. SkillBuilder is an Internet driven personal development program designed to have each participant engage their new skills directly to their day-to-day activities. SkillBuilder works in tandem with the Checkpoint 360 Feedback process.

Profiles Performance Indicator ™
A great management tool to better understand your employees and develop a specific plan for increased performance. It can be used in conjunction with annual performance appraisals for overall employee development.

Profiles Team Analysis ™
Effectively build a group of people into a team, utilizing each member’s strengths. The team leader gains greater insight into guiding the team to higher achievements based upon the involvement of each team member.